Today for lunch i had a pretty fulling salad. I had put in iceberg lettuce and a salad greens mix, even though it has spinach and i cant stand it. I then put in wheat berries, which are small pea sized grain that dont have much of a flavor. I mostly add them for the nutrients. I then put in shredded carrots and cucumbers, the cucumbers being the second best part of the salad. I also put in mandarin oranges and corn to make it sweet. I wasnt a fan of the corn the first time i did it, but i am growing a customed to it. And lastly i put in croutons, my favorite part. I could eat a bowl of just crouton, but that isnt healthy.

I chose this assignment to narrate my lunches that ive been having for a few weeks now. Because if i have to go through the pain of eating it, im sure you all can go through the pain of reading a post about a salad.