This is one of my favorite songs to listen to by my favorite artist. The song begins at 3:44 and is called “For Island Fires and Family” and the artist is Dermot Kennedy

I chose this song because it provokes strong feelings when i listen to it, some that i cant describe. But i do know listening to Dermot, especially this song, puts me in a sort of a daze that makes me think of things in a different perspective than i would before. His music seems to clear things up in my life.

At 4:45 he hits a very powerful note, that leaves me filled with adrenaline and covered in goosebumps. If you are able to submerge yourself in the song by this point, you can’t think anymore. When he hits this note it fills you with euphoria you can’t find anywhere else, and I wish more people could feel this.

I chose this assignment to put my feelings into words about one of my favorite songs and to hopefully share it with the rest of the class.