A week or two ago my dad, sister, girlfriend and I flew out to California for my uncles wedding. this particular uncle happened to be my favorite, and i hadn’t seen him in a few years now, so I was pretty excited. i was also able to my the rest of my dads family in California, which I haven’t seen some of them since I’ve lived in California about 10 years ago. Me, my girlfriend and sister all woke up at 4am to go catch our 9 am flight out of reagan airport, my dad was able to sleep a little more because he took a different flight at a closer airport.

After driving us an hour and a half to dc, we navigated our way through the airport and then through security. After we found our gate we had about 45 minutes left until our flight took off. which was spent troubleshooting me email because some of my emails are now being lost in transit. After we boarded our plane we all find an empty row after passing 10-15 rows that have one person sitting on the isle seat with their things taking up the rest of the isle, like they deserve all three seats. Maybe we didnt see that option when we bought our tickets. At this point we find a seat towards the back of the plane. once we are up in the air our whole row is sound asleep until we landing at our connection in St louis. We notice we have to board in 15 minutes, we walked for what i believe to be is half a mile trying to reach our gate, even though it was on the same wing of the airport. But we were able to make it just in time for us to get inline and board. this time with better boarding position, so we decided to sit towards the front, which was much more enjoyable when it come to do-boarding. Another 3 hours and a viewing of “Crazy Rich Asians” we make it to san Jose, only to see a text from my dad saying there was bad weather in Richmond, delaying his flight, which caused him to miss his connecting flight in Atlanta. He was supposed to be our ride because our plans should have landed at almost the same time. Luckily the logistics were already settled and my grandma was waiting for us by the baggage claim. My dad would land several hours later in San Francisco.

I chose this Writing Assignment to tell about our hectic air travel last weekend for my uncles wedding. I found it slightly difficult to get across how hectic it was between flights, so i guess i have to work on my descriptive words. I did enjoy this though, the assignment may be a little rusty because its been at least 2 years since ive had to write something other than a research project. im sure i get it back soon though

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Over MLK weekend, my girlfriend, sister and I flew to California for my uncles wedding. We had to wake up at 4 am. Once to our connecting city. We had to almost run to make 9ur next flight. And our ride ended up getting delayed bc of ๐ŸŒงโ€” Michael Brown (@Michael48861254) January 28, 2019