My top 5 things on my bucket list is

  1. Get my Dream Job
  2. Own a car that I am proud of
  3. Get Married
  4. Have a house of my own
  5. Start a business

1)Get my dream Job

My dream job is to become a police officer. I;ve wanted to be one for about 5 years now. Their responsibilities have always intrigued me. The amount of stress they have to deal with on a daily basis is immense and i have a great deal of respect for them. They put their lives first in order to protect us and they dont deserve enough credit. I have been in contact with my local sheriffs office and have spent around 150 hours shadowing deputies on ride alongs. MY plan is to apply my senior year while at UMW

2) Own a car that im proud of

I really enjoy working on cars and driving them fast. however because of finantial reasons i havent been able to do as much with this passion as i would like to. Most of my time on the internet is done researching cars. When i am finantially stable i hope to own a few cars that i fall in love with.

3) Get Married

I’ve had the idea of getting married in my ideal future for as long as i can remember. I hope to spend my future with someone with whom i love greatly

4) Have a house of my own

I cant wait until the day i am in my own place that i am paying for. I dont like relying on my parents for things. So I hope i can move out shortly after graduating.

5)Start a business

I have always had an interest in starting a busniness, whether it be a restaurant, and car detailing company, a car wash. I have lots of ideas, too many passionaes than i know what to do with. Hopefully one day i can put them to use

I chose this writing assignment because i thought itd be fun to put down a quick top five goals sort of thing to see what my priorities were.