I am having a hard time navigating the website, I just found today where our assignments are actually located. Only to find out i should have been doing them during the week and I cant make it up. I am finding this class extremely difficult becaouse of how many aspects of the class are being Incorporated. I am still not 100 percent sure im doing the assignments correctly/tagging things the way i should be.

This week the daily creates i chose were

I spent mlk day flying back from my uncle’s wedding in California #ds106 #tdc2567 pic.twitter.com/jdheFP5QxQ— Michael Brown (@Michael48861254) January 25, 2019

#tdc2468 #ds106 e30 with an m20b25 can outrun any f22 motor pic.twitter.com/KI0izlFUk6— Michael Brown (@Michael48861254) January 25, 2019

#tdc2570 #ds106 not the best zoomed in picture. But here it is! pic.twitter.com/yDJfuuNgSM— Michael Brown (@Michael48861254) January 25, 2019

I enjoyed doing these with going back through my camera roll to find pictures that met these criteria. I was also excited to share that i had recently gone to california for the weekend with one of these posts.

I thencompletes three Assigment bank

I made these six doodles. A neural network guessed all of them correctly. https://t.co/njEsITgmYe#WebAssignments #WebAssignments2073— Michael Brown (@Michael48861254) January 25, 2019

#visualassignments #visualassignments2152 this is my favorite photo I’ve taken. I took it last summer when my family and my girlfriend went on a cruise. We were at cozumel Mexico when this photo was taken of my girlfriend pic.twitter.com/9PH6BdOJEs
— Michael Brown (@Michael48861254) January 25, 2019

#videoassignments #videoassignments2301
This is a boomerang of my room. I chose this assignment to show of my thin blue line flag that was made and given to me for christmas from an old boss of mine pic.twitter.com/DvwYabidhk— Michael Brown (@Michael48861254) January 25, 2019

I enjoyed going through to see all of the assignments that were available and that i thought looked interesting