I chose to do a poster for my promo. I chose this because i enjoyed doing the visual assignments from last week and i still had the program open in my browser.
This is my week 7 radio show update. We chose to host a trivia night/ game show. We plan on asking trivia questions about pries and have listeners call in.
I put all of my audio assignments into one post, I made sure to include all tags. If you would rather have them in separate posts I can change that. I don’t believe it was specified. But I did these assignments in the middle of a busy week so I was trying to find easier assignments as opposed to ones that interest me. Right now it is finals week so I had to prioritize. But after completing the assignments I saw that it should have been surrounding the radio show such as bumpers or commercials. I just don’t have the time to redo assignments. I understand if I don’t get points for this portion