All The Relaxation 2.5

Create a Place 4

Emotions Through Sound 4

(i had uploaded this to sound cloud and was immediately copyright claimed, i obtained all my audio from so i am disputing it, for now, here is the mp3

It had taken me a while to find audio assignments that i had wanted to do that i hadn’t already done. I am extremely busy this week with finals so i tried to choose some easy. After finally getting all of my audio assignments done i went to go back to our weekly assignment page to see if there were any specific tags i had to use, it was then i saw these should have been assignments that will help with our radio assignments. So due to my lack of time, i am just going to have to turn these in, so I am sorry.

I am happy with all of my audio assignments and how they turned out. I enjoyed doing the ones i chose this week as opposed to week 5’s assignments. I especially enjoyed the create a place assignment. I had wanted to add a phone ringing in my clip, but all of the ones coming up were from older phones, nothing like a newer digital ringtone. So i had to record my own. I had my girlfriend call me so i can record a small clip of the ring tone and stagger it. I also had to lower its sound because it was way too loud for my “coffee shop” setting