I decided to do this assignment so i could create a slideshow of my last vacation to the bahamas. I wasnt able to find a good video editing software like audacity with audio. But i think i did well with what i had. These are pictures i took while on my cruise last summer, it starts with our flight to florida, and goes through the ports and ends in mexico.
This assignment seemed simple enough, shoot an action video and do a replay pf the action. I used a video i took while at a drift even in west virginia. I would have loved to have the video rewind after the normal verson played, the start the slo mo in all one seamless cut. But i couldnt find a way to do that.

This assignment was a collage of my favorite pictures i took during college. So i went back and put together this slideshow, the assignment didnt say they had to be at campus, so these pictures were just taken during my time at UMW. enjoyed going back through all my memories for this
I have always wanted to go to New Zealand, i would love to live there. I think the scenery is beautiful and there are so many different biomes on the small island withing a couple hours drive. So i went through and founf my favorite photos i could find online and put them in a slide show.