This week hank and I did most of our collaborating in the first few days of the week. We pretty much had our main ideas down since last week, so we just had to come up with some questions. So we came up with 22 trivia questions from 4 spy movies and split them up between the two of us for our sessions of the radio show. We decided to record ours separately and compile them at the end.

We both decided to record with a friend acting as a “contestant” on our show. So Wednesday night, my roommate and I wrote a quick script and started to record us saying it. After a few attempts and lots of stuttering, we had a radio show in a very basic form in several takes.

So my Thursday consisted of listening for any extra words we added, or mistakes and then taking them out. I also added fun sound effects and a song to add detail. I also found that I skipped a few words so there were times I took a quick clip of me saying “and” from one part of the audio, and copy and paste it to another. I don’t think you’ll be able to realize without it being pointed out.

This is our completed radio show, I didn’t really enjoy recording the show because of my anxiety. But I did really like editing it. I loved going through and listening for small mistakes I made and finding that part in the file, then cutting it out, or adding an effect.