A radio communication was intercepted in HQ stating that the rest of the agents were kidnapped and are being held somewhere far away. Its all up to agent 14 to find them and bring them back safely. There wasn’t much information, other than some catch phrase saying “Get Dirty, Go Wash”. Agent 14 then investigated this saying and after some digging he found this brings him to a small college on the other side of the world in Fredericsburg Virginia called Mary Washington. “Get Dirty, Go Wash is actually the students phrase they like to say. Why Mary Washington? And why so far?

“On my way to Fredericksburg!”

After a long flight to the Fredericksburg area, agent 14 started his journey right away. After arriving at Mary Washington, Agent 14 was very confused since there seemed to be no student body present. As he searched for clues, he didn’t see a single soul. After all, this was a Thursday at 3 PM, there should be students everywhere. He decided to check the library, maybe there was some code encripted somewhere in the library. But as he was approaching the doors, he heard a faint noise. It was coming from the south. He couldn’t make out what it was, so he decided to investigate. As we walked along campus walk, the sound got louder. And as he approached the end of Woodard hall, the sound was much more audible, he was getting close. He was able to pick up the sound on his recorded and sent the sound to dispatch. Dispatch came back to him momentarily and said that the sound he was hearing was a popular song in the United States called “Kids” by MGMT. It almost sounded like a party was happening in broad daylight. Maybe this is why there was nobody present?

“It seems desolate by woodard hall.”

Agent 14 decided to investigate this music playing and kept walking along campus walk. That’s when he first noticed people. There was only a few and they were walking in the same direction as he was. They seemed to be headed towards ball circle and they all seemed to have on red shirts, maybe that’s their school colors. He continued to follow them and the music seemed to get much louder. and thats when he saw what the noise was coming from. The school seemed to be having a party in the middle of campus. Music was playing, there were games to play, everyone was having a good time, and everyone had on either a green or red shirt. He was overwhelmed by the crowd and he tried to navigate his way through them all.

“Whats DGD????”

After walking around he was intrigued by the activities, for he has never seen any of these games. Everyone seems to be having so much with these games. And the students with red shirts seem to be competing with students in green shirts. Maybe they are two schools in a rivalry?

He sees a tall building to the west of the party and notices a balcony on the top floor. Maybe he can get a better vantage of what is going on

As he is looking around, he notices a note written on the banister.

“Eagle Landing”

What is eagle landing? Is there an eagle sanctuary somewhere nearby? Is that the name of the secret base agent 14’s fellow agents are hidden? Agent 14 asks a girl that was on the balcony if she has ever heard of eagle landing, She said that it was a residence hall on the opposite side of campus. He must have just missed it. The girl offers to take him there. So they hop on bikes and head toward this “Eagle Landing”

“omw to Eagle landing”

After reaching eagle landing he gets on top of the balcony of the building.

When he reached the balcony, he intercepted another message. “You’re close, but still far. now that you’ve found the pedestrian bridge, look for a natural bridge”

The girl that had helped him before overhears the message and tells agent 14 that there is a state park west of the college with a place often called natural bridge. So she suggests that maybe that’s what the message was referring to.

Agent 14 agrees and they head off for Shenandoah.


they quickly go and look for a directory for the state park and look for the most popular trail. It isn’t far from the directory, and they see it is supposed to have a waterfall.

#Hiking #Agent14totherescue

After a short hike down the mountain, the trail took them alongside a small stream. Which they suspected to lead to the waterfall. But why were they being led here? Why this wild goose chase? hopefully, they find the other agents soon.

They make it to the end of the trail and make it to the waterfall, but they are confused. there doesn’t seem to be a new clue

Where to now???

They don’t know what else to do. Did they go to the wrong place? did they miss a clue? are they too late? what went wrong? they take a seat at the bottom of the waterfall and assume defeat.

Then that’s when he sees it, a small light coming from behind the waterfall. After a closer inspection, he notices a hidden cave. This must be it. After squeezing through the cave, it opens into a large room, with a single light in the middle. and around the light are all of his fellow agents, tied up in a circle. He runs up to them and starts untying them to free them. They all start telling him how someone broke into their headquarters and hid them there as some sick game. He had left clues around for agent 14 to find. He chose Mary Washington because they were having their annual Devil Goat day and he knew that it would make things difficult with how busy the campus would be. But after hiding them he fled and they don’t know where. They must find him another day, but for now, all the agents are safe thanks to agent 14.

Final Summary

I wanted to be able to make a story where I used images and video to set the scene and I create dialog via text. I decided to start recording using a gimbal while I was on campus over the week and I had a rough idea of how I was going to tie it together. I knew that I was going to make it that my agent has a journey he has to go on, and I would make it so that he would have to go to the locations I filmed. The rest of the story I came up with as I was doing the project. I felt as if my project wasn’t complete with the agent only going to Mary Washington, so I went through some photos I had and found a trip that I went to Shenandoah with my girlfriend last summer. so I decided to tie that into it to add to the story. I’m aware it almost seems forced, but I feel like that’s what happens with science fiction, which I’m not a fan of. But I think I dd fairly well with my project. I included some time-lapses I took of campus as well. I had recently bought a gimbal for my phone, a DJI Osmo mobile 2 if you are curious, and I shot all of the videos using that. So there is a clip of me walking through our devil goat day and you can definitely tell it was done with a gimbal. Some of the movements seem like its not natural. I think that’s because I tried to turn to fast for it to make a smooth transition so it had to quickly point where I was trying to get it to face.